3 Unis to Considering to Study Maths Excluding Oxbridge!

If you’re thinking about studying maths, then you better bring your A game. It’s known to be one of the hardest subjects to study, both at A level and at undergraduate. If you’re going to study maths, you’d better be prepared for long nights and a ton of work.

But, maths isn’t all bad. It has one of the higest rates of employment, mainly because it can lend itself to a ton of different disciplines after you’ve finished studying. Whether you’re looking to go into physics or you’re not quite sure yet, there are a ton of options open to you if you pick Maths as an undergraduate.

And despite what Oxbridge students might tell you, it is worth studying somewhere else than these two universities for maths. Just because the university itself may not be as acclaimed, it doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time at all. So, here are a couple of universities that offer a decent mathematics course that you may want to consider.



If you’re thinking about studying abroad and want to integrate that into your course, then considering Bristol University is going to be a good idea. They encourage Erasmus studying with a year abroad, which can be one of the best parts of your student experience. The modules that you’ll study can be some of the most useful later down the line, as the course has a real focus on mathematics that you’ll use practically.


Bath offer a wide variety of different mathematics courses that you can choose from. They specialise in statistics, so if you’re a statistic freak, then you might want to look at Bath Uni. They also do mathematical sciences, which is going to suit those that like this element of math. They encourage a placement year or a year abroad, so it’s definitely worth looking at them if you love math.


As thr opposite end of the UK to the other two, Dundee also offer an awesome mathematics course that you might want to consider if you’re interested in the part of the UK. Dundee University itself is actually very well respected and is always in the top 20 universities, so if you’re interested in studying in Scotland, it might be worth considering. They have some great modules, and they were actually 1st in the UK for having a clear prospectus in Maths. So, it’s worth looking into.


Overall, these are just a few of the best mathematics universities that you might want to consider outside of the main few. Not everyone can go to a top 5 university, and in fact, not everybody wants to go to a top 5 university either. So, if this is you, then it’s completely understandable to look at some of these alternative universities as a good option!

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