3 UK Universities courses to consider if you love Astronomy

If you’re interested in astronomy, then there’s no better idea than making a career out of it. Everyones looking to find their Ikigai (google it if you don’t know what it means!), so having a career that you’re genuinely interested in is important. If you like Science, Physics and Astronomy then it’s worth considering studying it when you leave university.

Not everyone can get into prestiged univerisites like Oxford and Cambridge. And although they both rank as the highest universities when it comes to study, you don’t need to go to either of these universities to have an established career within astronomy. There are a ton of other universities in the UK that offer a similar course, but especially for those who are interested in the stars.

So, if you’re looking for a good astronomy course, there are a few you might want to consider. It’s probably a good idea to pick up the best cheap telescope you can before you start, because this will come in handy on your course.

Glasgow Uni


For a long time, Glasgow was considered inferior to Edinburgh as a study spot. But in recent years, many students (especially international students) have decided to look at Glasgow as their choice of university. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for somewhere to study outside of England, as there are many advantages to studying in Scotland.

Glasgow offer a top quality Astronomy Course, which you can either accompany with Physics or Mathematics. Not only as Bachelors level, but Glasgow is one of the only universities to offer Astronomy study all the way up to PhD level. If you’re considering studying Astronomy and want to get your doctorate, it could be worth considering Glasgow uni.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is another option if you’re looking for an astronomy course – they offer an awesome one with physics mixed in. The good thing about Astronomy at the University of Nottingham is not only about the course itself, but you also get an abundance of extra curricular activities that you can do through the university too.

Aside from your weekly seminars, you’ll have regular lunch meets with the people from the university – your lecturers and other people on the course, as well as a ton of guest speakers too.

University of Kent

If you want a broad field of study, then you can consider the Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics course that they offer. This is one of the more diverse courses, so if you’re not entirely sure on the course that you want to embark on, then it’s undoubtedly worth considering this one.

In the first year you’ll get to do modules like Laboratory and Computing Skills for Physicists, but in the second year you get the opportunity to move onto Quantum physics and other topics.


These are just three of the courses that you’re going to find in the UK, but there’s an abundance of others that you can easily find. Get searching, as astronomy can be one of the most rewarding courses there is!

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